F1 Gymnastics23-01-2017 | 14:12:57 | Comments Off on F1 Gymnastics

IMG_0400 IMG_0393 IMG_0394 IMG_0399 IMG_0396 IMG_0390 F1 Kick started the week with Gymnastics, they surely have set the bar high with their fabulous skills and fearless nature!!!

Well done Guys!!

Sheffield Sharks Strike Again23-01-2017 | 09:46:48 | Comments Off on Sheffield Sharks Strike Again

IMG_0278 IMG_0284 IMG_0282 IMG_0279

This week in Y6 we were fortunate enough to spend the whole afternoon completing Basketball and healthy eating workshops with The Sheffield Sharks basketball team!


It was awesome!!!

Fantastic Gymnastics23-01-2017 | 09:33:31 | Comments Off on Fantastic Gymnastics

IMG_0267 In F2 this week, we have had oodles of fun exploring on the apparatus!!


We have learnt to travel under, over, across, slide, straight jump, star jump and even half twist!

Watch out…you might end up seeing us at the olympics!

Bike Riding23-01-2017 | 09:29:42 | Comments Off on Bike Riding

IMG_0272 IMG_0270 IMG_0269

Bike riding lessons continue today!!!

We are looking forward to it!!


YOUNG VOICES16-01-2017 | 10:16:44 | Comments Off on YOUNG VOICES

Young Voices was EPIC…that is all!

IMG_0225 IMG_0226 IMG_0227 IMG_0228 IMG_0220 IMG_0221 IMG_0222 IMG_0223 IMG_0224

SHEFFIELD SHARKS16-01-2017 | 10:04:52 | Comments Off on SHEFFIELD SHARKS

IMG_0215 IMG_0213 IMG_0211 IMG_0210 IMG_0207 We have the privilege this term to have some very important professional Basketball players visit us from The Sheffield Sharks and teach us some awesome skills!!


The Weather Won’t Stop Us16-01-2017 | 09:45:34 | Comments Off on The Weather Won’t Stop Us

IMG_0205 As it has been very cold, wet and windy we have moved indoors!

Continuing our fitness…here is a picture of our Y3 class doing the Plank…


The Fitness Continues!10-01-2017 | 15:41:48 | Comments Off on The Fitness Continues!

IMG_0180 IMG_0182 This week in Phase 2 and 3 we carry on monitoring our progress in circuit training and laps!! we have been testing out ourselves at…

Star jumps – wall sit – crunches – push ups – step ups – squats – tricep dips – plank – high knees – lunges and laps……we are hoping to get better and better results every week!!


Stay posted

Foundation Fantastic Gymnastics10-01-2017 | 15:33:57 | Comments Off on Foundation Fantastic Gymnastics

IMG_0173 In F1 and F2 we have made a start this week on Gymnastics, we have been learning to travel like a Kangaroo, Bear, slug, crab and a mouse…..ooh and we are superstars at jumping off of benches!!

BIKERS!!!!10-01-2017 | 15:31:44 | Comments Off on BIKERS!!!!

IMG_0168 We have 2 awesome riders that have passed their bike riding today!!


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