Basketball28-03-2018 | 15:03:52 | No Comments

An exciting day at the EIS playing basketball last Wednesday. The Y6 team were phenomenal in the morning winning all of their games and qualifying in 1st place in their league. Everyone managed to score at least once during the tournament and the team work was exceptional. We finished in 4th place overall. Miss Dyson’s day was also made as we saw Antony Joshua!



Celebrating 30 years of disability sport28-03-2018 | 12:22:27 | No Comments

An exciting day at the EIS yesterday celebrating 30 years of disability sport. 8 Watercliffe Meadow children took part in an athletics competition taking part in events such as boccia, high jump, javelin and seated volleyball. All of the children did fantastically well and came home with a certificate and a medal. Miss Dyson even came 2nd place in the teachers race.


Cross Country Relays28-03-2018 | 11:30:41 | No Comments

A fabulous morning at the Y5/6 girls cross country relays on Saturday. The team did amazingly coming 12th out of 30 schools. A huge well done.

A very muddy morning!10-03-2018 | 20:47:39 | Comments Off on A very muddy morning!

  • The Cross Country Championships can only  be described as a mud bath this morning. We had some fantastic finishing positions on a very tricky course. A huge well done to our Y6s Sienna Grayson, Ellie Howden and Deon Akwe for their commitment to the cross country team during their time at WCM and we wish them all of the luck in the world for the secondary school cross country races.
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