WCM Smash it at the Athletics18-05-2017 | 13:16:06 | Comments Off on WCM Smash it at the Athletics

So….we got the chance to attend an Athletics competition at Woodburn Road this week and we did so so so well!!!!!

Check out our results…

  • 80m Sprint – Deon  – 3rd  place
  • Ball throw – Tegan  – 30 metres = 2nd Place
  • 800m – Bronwyn  – 5th place
  • 800m – Ashlie  – 14th place
  • Long Jump – Sonny  – 11th place
  • Long Jump – Ashlie  – 12th place
  • Long Jump – Aaliyah – 8th place
  • Y5 Rrelay – 3rd place
  • Y6 Relay – 4th place
  • 80m Sprint – Caitlin – 4th place
  • 80m Sprint – Aliyah – 5th place
  • 80m Sprint – Tyler  – 1st place
  • 600m – Sienna  – 3rd place
  • 600m – Ellie – 6th place
  • 600m – Jay – 9th place out of 15
  • 600m Walk – Tegan 7th place



Some finals took place on the night!

The results were as follows….

  • 80m Sprint – Deon 3rd place  IN THE FINAL
  • 80m Sprint – Tyler 9th IN THE FINAL
  • Y5 Mixed Relay – 4th place IN THE FINAL

All of the other finals will take place on Thursday 22nd June at 4:15pm at Woodburn Road. Our finalists are….

  • 800m – Bronwyn  FINALIST
  • 600m – Sienna FINALIST
  • Ball throw – Tegan FINALIST

Cricket Continues16-05-2017 | 12:38:52 | Comments Off on Cricket Continues


Let the Cricket continue this week!!

out skills are improving massively!



Fantastic at Gymnastics16-05-2017 | 12:32:56 | Comments Off on Fantastic at Gymnastics

We are so proud of our SUPER TALENTED Y3 Gymnast!!

She did absolutely AMAZING at her Gymnastics competition at the weekend!!

A staggering 3rd place on the Beam!

GO ON!!!



Y3 CRICKET10-05-2017 | 12:48:38 | Comments Off on Y3 CRICKET

W enjoyed spending our morning in the sun today!

We practiced our throwing, catching and batting skills!



PIRATES VS MERMAIDS04-05-2017 | 13:00:20 | Comments Off on PIRATES VS MERMAIDS

 So in Phase 2 we have been working very hard on producing our own production of Pirates Vs Mermaids……ALLL of the actors and the choir have performed AMAZINGLY WELL!!!

Phase 1 PE04-05-2017 | 12:58:37 | Comments Off on Phase 1 PE

So this week in Phase 1 we have been Picking flowers and sunbathing obviously! 🙂


oh, and we also did a little bit of athletics training ready for SPORTS DAYYYYYY!!!!

Rounders04-05-2017 | 12:56:57 | Comments Off on Rounders

In Phase 2 and 3 we have been practicing our Rounders skills….we are now PRO’s at batting.

04-05-2017 | 12:55:37 | Comments Off on

Holiday Club was awesome!


We made T-shirts, Went to the park and finished it off with some Bowling.


Stay posted for our next holiday club activities!

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